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🗞️ Top 6 Historical Hotspots in Leeds

🗞️ Top 6 Historical Hotspots in Leeds

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Leeds is renowned for being a historical hotspot, combining the excitement of modern living with incredible heritage. Through its architecture, education and culture, the city beams with pride, showcasing the phenomenal journey it has undergone to be placed so highly on the map. For the history lovers amongst you, you can take a glimpse at the past on almost every street, but for those who want to delve that little bit deeper, you can visit some of the incredible museums Leeds has to offer. 

Stuck on which one to visit? We have you covered… keep on reading to see our top picks of Museums to visit in Leeds.

Leeds City Museum 

Open Tuesday – Sunday | 10:00 – 17:00, and 11:00-17:00 on weekends

Leeds City Museum is the perfect hub to brush up on your knowledge of the city of Leeds, and take a look at the history of the world beyond it. With six galleries spanning four floors, you can find the Museum situated right in the heart of the city, overlooking Millennium Square. Here, you can tap into the history of Leeds, including archaeological finds and life changing inventions, before looking into the lives of Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. The natural world and Ancient Asia are also two more of the exciting exhibitions on offer. 

Alongside this, the Museum also hosts a broad selection of family orientated events, workshops and talks. With completely free admission, this Museum is a great one for everyone to enjoy. 

Thackray Museum of Medicine

Open Monday – Sunday | 10:00 – 17:00

Thackray Museum of Medicine is renowned throughout the country for its unique storytelling, as visitors can witness first hand the history of medicine and disease. Following a four million pound redevelopment, the award winning museum has opened its doors to a host of new galleries. Guests can make their way down the grimy streets of Victorian England, complete with all of the sights and smells you would expect, visit a 70’s style sexual health clinic, and witness gruesome operations taking place in their 19th-century operating theatre. 

An immersive experience, the Thackray Museum of Medicine expertly tells history in fun and creative ways. With regular events and live shows taking place throughout the year, including the critically acclaimed ‘On The Bench’ exhibition, you can explore the history of health care as you’ve never seen it before. 

Temple Newsam

Open Tuesday – Sunday | 10:30 – 17:00

Temple Newsam is a true slice of Leeds heritage, allowing you to walk in the footsteps of those who once walked its hallways. The Tudor-Jacobean manor house is set in the heart of Leeds, and invites visitors to walk round its stunning interior to see a world of hidden treasures. Guests can get a glimpse of the lives of those who once lived and worked within the historic home, embarking on tours that take them behind the scenes of the impressive galleries. 

Alongside the home, the grounds offer an impressive natural space, including parks, lakes, and their very own farm. Here, you can enjoy a serene landscape, complete with piglets, lambs and guinea pigs. A natural haven with a beautiful display of history, Temple Newsam is not one to miss.

Thackray Museum of Medicine Thackray Museum of Medicine
Thackray Museum of Medicine - On The Bench Exhibit Thackray Museum of Medicine - On The Bench Exhibit
Temple Newsam Temple Newsam

Abbey House Museum 

Open Tuesday – Sunday | 10:00 – 17:00, and 12:00-17:00 on Saturdays 

If you’re after a historical tour in a scenic setting, then the Abbey House Museum is the place to be. This family-friendly museum in Kirkstall delves into the history of the Victorian era, especially areas including social history and childhood. Established in 1927, Abbey House transports you back to the 19th Century, as the museum has transformed its space into a replica of authentic Victorian Streets. Complete with shops, pubs and houses, visitors can enjoy a true taste of Victorian life, whilst also enjoying collections on Victorian childhood memorabilia, as well as a special exhibition that rotates on a yearly basis.  

The Abbey House Museum is a stunning and immersive exploration of Victorian life, and is absolutely not one to miss on your adventures through history. 

Henry Moore Institute

Open Tuesday – Sunday | 10:00 – 17:00

Standing proudly as one of Leeds’ most unique galleries, the Henry Moore Institute is an art exhibition like no other. As one of the largest sculpture collections in Europe, the museum has an extensive and detailed collection of art from around the world, showcasing what sculpting is like from a breadth of cultures. With galleries, an extensive research library, and three spaces for temporary exhibitions, the Institute invites you to marvel at the work of Henry Moore and other impressive sculptors. 

You can find the Henry Moore Institute in the heart of Leeds, beside the Leeds Art Gallery, where Henry Moore himself first began to learn sculpting. Here you can lose yourself in the permanent galleries open to the public, as well as the ever changing exhibitions on display.

Royal Armouries Museum 

Open Tuesday – Sunday (10:00 – 17:00)

The award winning Royal Armouries Museum stands out from the crowd, and for good reason too. With one of the biggest galleries of arms and armoury in the world, the Museum showcases the history of battle, with famed pieces including Henry VIII’s armoury. Built on the Leeds Docks, you can visit a range of fascinating galleries, delving into themes of tournament, self defence, and peace. You can also delve into armouries beyond that of Britain, exploring cultures within Asia and Africa. 

Along with their main galleries, the Royal Armouries Museum also features reenactments of historical battles, having recently hosted the World Cup for Jousting. This, along with a host of other exciting performances and activities, make the Museum an exceptional place to visit. 

Royal Armouries Royal Armouries
Henry Moore Henry Moore
Abbey House Abbey House


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