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🎥  Royal Armouries: Reloaded Interview

🎥 Royal Armouries: Reloaded Interview

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Chapter 81

Guns hold a unique and often controversial place in human history, serving as both tools of protection and of destruction. The Royal Armouries’ latest exhibition, “Re:loaded: Weapons of Mass Seduction” from artist and ex-soldier Bran Symondson goes deep into the significance of firearms. Beyond their physical firepower, guns carry layers of symbolism, embodying power and fear.

This thought-provoking exhibition confronts the complex realities associated with guns. It sheds light on harrowing accounts, such as those of African child soldiers whose lives have been changed by armed conflict. Additionally, it offers insight into the extravagant excesses of power, exemplified by the gold-plated Kalashnikovs once possessed by the son of Saddam Hussein.

“Re:loaded: Weapons of Mass Seduction” presents new firearms, some of which have never before been shown at The Royal Armouries. Each weapon tells a story of human ingenuity and violence, from sidearms to decorations. By exploring the intersection of culture, politics, and technology, this exhibition invites visitors to think about the dynamics surrounding firearms and their impact on society. 

Through immersive displays and compelling narratives, “Reloaded: Weapons of Mass Seduction” challenges viewers to confront the consequences of gun culture, creating dialogue and reflection on a pressing global issue. 

We sat down with Matthew Wood, Interpretation Manager at The Royal Armouries, to tell us more….


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