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📸 Photo Diary – Peter Pan Goes Wrong!

📸 Photo Diary – Peter Pan Goes Wrong!

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Chapter 81

When you enter Leeds Grand Theatre, you realise something’s wrong. With staff scurrying around in a panic hunting for hammers, the lights in the theatre flickering, and cast and crew singing Happy Birthday to us (even though it wasn’t anyones birthday), that will show us for getting to our seats slightly late!

It is neither a pantomime nor a comedy, but it is both. The clever portions are the cast fallouts, the quick costume changes, the spinning stage set, Dennis’ live football scores, the little local mention of the city, and the transport jokes; it was a fun show.

This rendition of Peter Pan, brought to us by Mischief, is full of technical hitches, flying mishaps, and cast disputes, but one thing that it doesn’t get wrong is the quality. The show has left Leeds and returns to Yorkshire in February, Sheffield from Feb 19th.




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