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🎥 📸 Leeds Fest Day 1 as WTL goes to Bramham

🎥 📸 Leeds Fest Day 1 as WTL goes to Bramham

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Chapter 81

We have assembled a team to cover the fantastic Leeds Festival. Day 1 saw no rain, and we were able to have a conversation with The Snuts (who were well regarded following their outstanding performance), as well as many other guests and DJ celebrities in the guest area.

View our photographs and Vox Pops below. Can you see yourself in them?

Below we gathered a few thoughts from (in order of appearance).

• The Snuts

• Big Mouth Gyoza

• Nihal Arthanayake

• Family in guest area

• Friends in the guest area

• Wallice (Bass player)

Credits to the team: Simon Fogal, Rob Chadwick and Aire Street Studio


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