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🎙️ February 2024 Podcast is live!

🎙️ February 2024 Podcast is live!

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Chapter 81

This month’s podcast is here; regular host Larry Budd is taking a thrilling dive into the world of firearms, but fear not, it’s all in the name of art and history! The prestigious Royal Armouries are joining us, ready to unfold the narrative behind their latest firearms exhibition. Immerse yourself in a journey through time as they unveil the evolution of weaponry and the stories encapsulated within each piece.

But that’s not all – we’re also venturing behind the scenes at Leeds Playhouse, offering an exclusive peek into the magic that happens offstage. Discover the intricate workings of theatrical productions and the dedication to bringing stories to life in this cultural hub.

In another exciting development, we’ll delve into the vibrant heart of Leeds’ jewellery quarter, where Beaverbrook has made significant investments. Learn about the transformative impact on the local jewellery scene and the vision driving this strategic move. Uncover the stories behind the sparkle and witness the fusion of tradition and modernity in Leeds’ burgeoning jewellery industry.

Perfect for your commute, this 20-minute podcast is designed to keep you in the loop on things to do in Leeds.


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