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Exploring Ideas and Inspiring Conversations at LIFI24: A Preview

Exploring Ideas and Inspiring Conversations at LIFI24: A Preview

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The Leeds International Festival of Ideas (LIFI) is back, and this October, the Leeds Playhouse will be buzzing with four days of intellectual stimulation, cultural exchange, and thought-provoking discourse. LIFI24 promises to ignite curiosity, challenge perspectives, and foster connections, drawing in attendees from diverse backgrounds eager to engage with a rich tapestry of topics and speakers.

Spanning from October 2 to 5, LIFI24 will delve into a wide array of pressing issues, ranging from addiction and artificial intelligence to care, neurodiversity, and the influence of reality TV on societal perceptions. The festival aims to spark dynamic conversations and facilitate meaningful interactions among participants, creating a vibrant platform for exploration and discovery.

At the heart of LIFI24 are luminaries from various fields, including journalism, entertainment, science, and technology. Renowned figures such as Kate Adie, Stacey Dooley, Kate Garraway, Goldie, Paterson Joseph, Nile Rodgers, Self Esteem, Tim Spector, Carol Vorderman, and Matt Willis will take the stage, offering their insights and expertise on a diverse range of topics.

Kate Garraway
Rebbeca Lucy Taylor
Nile Rodgers
Grace Beverley
Matt Willis
Georgie Barrat

One of the highlights of LIFI24 is the series of Fireside chats, featuring captivating discussions led by industry leaders and visionaries. Nile Rodgers and Beka will explore the evolution of creativity in music, while Kate Adie and Stacey Dooley delve into the complexities of conflict reporting and war portrayal. Tim Spector and Dr. Amir Khan will shed light on gut health and nutrition, while Grace Beverley discusses the intricacies of the creator economy. Additionally, Carol Vorderman and Rebecca Lucy Taylor will confront outdated portrayals of women in the media, sparking a dialogue on the need for change.

Panel discussions at LIFI24 promise to be equally engaging, with topics ranging from addiction to the impact of reality TV on our perception of reality. Join Matt Willis and Lauren Windle as they tackle the topic of addiction, or delve into the realm of AI with Georgie Barrat, Dr. Nisha Sharma, and Paterson Joseph. Professor Tim Wilson, Rylan, and Charlotte Armitage will explore the influence of reality TV, while Ellie Middleton, Christine McGuiness, and Tumi Sotire discuss the nuances of neurodiversity.

Martin Dickson, Festival Manager, emphasises the unique power of LIFI to bring people together for courageous and honest conversations about pressing societal issues. James Brining, Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Leeds Playhouse, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the festival’s bold and influential nature.

Attendees can look forward to thought-provoking insights, lively debates, and innovative perspectives as they engage with experts and thought leaders at LIFI24. Join us this October for a festival that promises to inspire, challenge, and ignite the imagination.

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