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Beercast 7: Beery Collaboration

Beercast 7: Beery Collaboration

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Beercast - Leeds

Episode 7 of Beercast Leeds finds us warmly ensconced in Kirkstall Brewery’s Tap Room.

More than most, Kirkstall connects the threads of brewing past and brewing present. Founders John and Steve talk about their origins overlooking the River Aire – and about that time they had a pint while chest-deep in the River Aire. It’s a lovely, if not slightly scary, story.

We finally get to meet Liam from Anthology Brewing, who everyone seems to think is the nicest guy around – NO PRESSURE LIAM.

Simon Jenkins is back with another Pint Sized History of Leeds – producer Johnny has been all the way to London to find out how one brewery is saving the planet one slice of bread at a time… and the freshly-opened Meanwood Tavern becomes our pub/bar of the week.

Don’t forget “Brew Wants To Be A Millionaire” (working title) – although there’s a rumour that the questions this week are stupidly difficult.


IMAGES: Kirkstall Brewery June 2021 by Chapter 81


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