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Beercast 5: Starting From Home

Beercast 5: Starting From Home

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Beercast - Leeds

This week, for our ‘Starting From Home’ theme, the Beercasters are in Meanwood.

Join Larry & Paul (and Producer Johnny also says we should mention “Producer Johnny”) at the Meanwood Brewery Taproom “Terminus”.

Our hosts, founders and brothers Baz and Graeme, not only have one of the finest and friendliest little bars going, but also lovely and lilting North East accents. 

Hear all about how they began their venture by throwing themselves into an end so deep, it may as well have been the Mariana Trench. 

We also hear from the Leeds man so incensed with a certain brand of alcoholic ginger beer (don’t mention Crabbies – Ed.) that he started making his own at home – and now DMC Brewery is doing roaring trade – and selling branded Viking drinking horns, as you do. 

The unfathomably good bottle shop Caspar’s gets a visit from Johnny. Tough gig that.

Don’t forget our regular features. Simon’s Pint-Sized History Of Leeds is back – and we get a splendid nomination for Bar of the Week. 

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