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10 acts to see at Live at Leeds

10 acts to see at Live at Leeds

Words by
Rob Chadwick

Renowned as one of the country’s premier festivals, Live At Leeds: In The Park beckons with promises of discovery and delight. With a discerning eye for talent, the tastemakers at Live At Leeds curate an unparalleled lineup, showcasing both emerging sensations and established favourites who push the boundaries of sound and creativity. The 2024 lineup consists of The Kooks, The Cribs, Declan Mckenna and Future Islands alongside Caity Baser, White Lies and more. Here we pick out our top 10 acts to see in 2024.

The Kooks

Headlining the festival with their iconic indie anthems, The Kooks promise an electrifying setlist that spans their illustrious career, from chart-topping hits like “Naive” to tracks from their latest album “10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark”. Don’t miss this chance to revel in their enduring brilliance and infectious melodies.

Baby Queen

With her confessional masterclass of modern pop celebration and the success of her debut album “Quarter Life Crisis”, Baby Queen solidifies herself as a new pop icon. Fresh from a sold-out headline tour, her performance promises introspection, honesty, and memorable melodies.

Declan McKenna

A vital voice for a generation, Declan McKenna’s blend of indie-pop brilliance and potent lyricism makes his set a must-see. With a live show bursting with showmanship, McKenna’s performance at Live At Leeds: In The Park is sure to be unforgettable, especially with material from his third album “What Happened To The Beach?”.

The Cribs

Hailing from Wakefield, The Cribs are synonymous with unapologetic indie rock. With explosive performances and hits spanning their two-decade-long career, including tracks from their latest album “Night Work”, witnessing The Cribs live is an essential part of the festival experience.


As one of the UK’s most innovative and original bands, Overpass continues their ascent across the UK with a summer destined for huge indie singalongs. Their performance at Live at Leeds in the Park is anticipated to be energetic and engaging, inviting audiences to join in the festivities.

Caity Baser:

Known for her catchy down-to-earth tales and unstoppable character, Caity Baser is touted as one of the most talked-about breakthrough names destined for stardom. With her latest mixtape “Still Learning” and a promising stage presence, her performance is anticipated to be a must-see.

Future Islands

Known for emotionally charged performances and distinctive synth-pop sound, Future Islands is set to captivate the audience at Live At Leeds: In The Park. With frontman Samuel T. Herring’s magnetic stage presence, their upcoming album release adds extra anticipation to their performance.

White Lies

Bringing their anthemic indie rock extravaganza to the stage, White Lies promises a set filled with haunting melodies and emotive lyricism. With hits like “To Lose My Life” and “Farewell to the Fairground”, their performance is bound to be intense and passionate, rounding out the dynamic lineup of the festival.

Billy Nomates

Hailing from the Midlands, Billy Nomates brings a powerhouse of raw energy to Live at Leeds in the Park. Her unconventional journey to music, marked by setbacks and self-discovery, sets the stage for an electrifying performance filled with unfiltered emotion and unapologetic self-expression.


With their genre-blending hooks and unbridled humor, Courting promises a set like no other at Live at Leeds in the Park. Following the release of their second album “New Last Name”, their performance is expected to showcase their unique sound and stage presence, making them a key act to see at the festival.


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