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Russia in Revolution: Lucy Gould, Robert Plane, Benjamin Frith, Peter Hill
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12 December

Russia in Revolution: Lucy Gould, Robert Plane, Benjamin Frith, Peter Hill


Debussy deeply admired Stravinsky’s early Russian ballet scores. This programme fully displays Stravinsky’s Russian style in his own arrangement of The Rite of Spring for piano duet, but even by the composition of his Soldier’s Tale in 1918 and the Three Pieces for Clarinet of the following year, a more post-Russian Revolutionary cosmopolitan style is emerging, influenced by jazz idioms, and who better to clarify these new traits in all their diversity than clarinet virtuoso, Robert Plane, principal clarinet of BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Stravinsky admired the senior Debussy’s unfailing creative powers, even during his final illness, and of course, his incredible courage in forging new paths; however in the Sonata for violin and piano, one of Debussy’s last works, an older cast is employed to discover an even more intimate expression. The ballet, Jeux was originally performed by the Ballets Russes in 1913 but was unfortunately eclipsed by the scandalous success of the Rite. In another piano four-hand arrangement by its composer, we can appreciate the finesse of Debussy’s score to the full. We are delighted to welcome the renowned Stravinsky and French music expert, Peter Hill to share in the performance of these two works, written at the piano by wonderful pianists!