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28 March

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


The Genovia Quartet is a fresh, all female group which formed in 2015 with three main goals – to challenge the traditionalist perception of the bassoon, to expand the repertoire for this unique ensemble, and to share its passion and joy for its work with a diverse audience demographic.

While studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Victoria Lopez, Gillian Horn, Ana Rodriguez Garcia and Rhiannon Carmichael, formed a close friendship which has continued into their performances as a chamber group ensemble. Their desire to share the fun together with their audiences is obvious and is helping the group establish its reputation to an expanding audience.

In November 2016, Genovia was accepted onto the Live Music Now Scotland initiative. This work has been invaluable to the group, which has enjoyed challenging itself in new settings and delivering a wide range of recitals and outreach work around Scotland.