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21 March

Hector Docx


Hector Docx is a British pianist and composer, currently based in Hamburg, Germany. Born in Manchester, he attended Chetham’s School of Music before moving to Hamburg in 2010 to begin his undergraduate studies. He is currently completing his master’s degree in the class of Hubert Rutkowski and Mauro Lo Conte. At the centre of his work is a drive to reinvent the role of the Pianist-Musician in the modern world and to actively bring an appreciation of classical music to a wider audience.

He dedicated much of 2016 to rediscovering and performing the forgotten piano works of the ‘Russian Avant-garde’, a group of composers which was prolific in Russia before the 1917 October Revolution. His work culminated in April 2016, when he directed and founded his own music festival, Sound of Unease.

During his piano studies, he took an interest in both conducting and composing which lead to a desire to work closely with living composers, performing their works and also getting his own works performed. In 2014 he conducted newly composed works by students of the composition department in a concert aimed at showing the new faces of modern music.