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Charlotte Saluste Bridoux & Alison Rhind
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17 January

Charlotte Saluste Bridoux & Alison Rhind


Charlotte had an early start when she begged her parents for a violin at the age of two. At Montpellier’s Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional she was taught by François Gilles and Aude Périn-Dureau, she has received masterclasses from violinists including Ana Chumachenco, Zakhar Bron, Pavel Vernikov, Olivier Charlier, and Alina Ibragimova.

In 2009 Charlotte entered the Yehudi Menuhin School to study with Natalia Boyarsky and is further pursuing her studies with Natalia at the RCM, as a recipient of both a Geoff and Carole Lindy Award and Abel G Halpern and Helen Chung-Halpern Award. In her free time, Charlotte enjoys running, cooking, reading, and sight-reading Beethoven Quartets with her friends.

She recently participated in the International Musicians Seminar master classes as well as the Open Chamber Music Seminar. Charlotte is currently playing a Matteo Goffriller violin kindly loaned to her by the RCM.